Syrian Kurdish group condemns PYD arrests, abductions

Published 18.08.2016 00:00
Updated 18.08.2016 08:53

The Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) on Wednesday condemned a series of arrests and abductions carried out by the PYD.

"The Kurdish National Council in Syria condemns the persecution of Kurdish politicians and political activists, and demands the immediate release of all political detainees in PYD custody," a statement by the KNC said.

The KNC called on the international community to take a public stance against "the repressive practices of the PYD and against its large-scale violations of human rights in the areas under their control."

The KNC has always accused the PYD, which is affiliated with the PKK terrorist organization, of working closely with the Assad regime.

The KNC in their statement said that the Asayish –so called police forces of the PYD- on Monday arrested numerous activists and sympathizers of the Kurdish Union Party in Syria (Yekiti) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party Syria (KDP) who are members of the KNC and are key members of the Syrian opposition National Coalition.

It said the arrests took place mainly in Qamishli, a city in north-eastern Syria on the border with Turkey, adding that among the arrested persons are two members of the KDP politburo and two members of its central committee and at least nine Yekiti members.

"All abducted persons were involved in the organization of the funeral ceremony for a ... fighter Habib Qadri, who was killed in Iraqi Kurdistan during the fight against the Daesh [organization]. The PYD armed forces attacked the funeral cortege," the statement said.

The statement alleged that more arrests were carried out Tuesday after several demonstrations took place to denounce the PYD actions against its members in Amoudah and Qamishli. According to the statement, some of the detainees were released following the protests, but 28 were still detained.

The tension between the two Kurdish rival parties started Saturday when the KNC leader in Syria, Ibrahim Biro, was abducted by PYD near the central market of Qamishli. After being held for some six hours, Biro was expelled by the Asayish to the Iraqi Kurdistan region, the KNC said.

The KNC has openly opposed a decision in March by the PYD and other parties close to it to establish a federal region in northern Syria.

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