Turkey reinstates hundreds of dismissed FETÖ suspects with new decree

Published 29.04.2017 21:59
Updated 29.04.2017 22:14

Hundreds of civil servants who were dismissed from their jobs for suspected links to the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) were reinstated to their posts with a decree, the Official Gazette announced late Saturday.

A total of 731 employees will return to work in 10 days according to the statutory decree. All of their financial and social rights that were lost after they were dismissed will also be reinstated.

Meanwhile, 3,974 staff in public institutions were dismissed over suspected links to FETÖ, including more than 1,000 working with the justice ministry and over 1,000 staff employed by the army.

According to the decree, 18 foundations, 14 associations and 13 healthcare organizations with suspected ties to FETÖ were closed, while 5 previously closed associations were re-opened.

The dismissed civil servants include employees from the Turkish Parliament, Supreme Court, Supreme Election Board, Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors, Directorate of Religious Affairs, the ministries of justice, energy, interior and other state institutions.

Recently debated television dating shows were also banned in a separate decree issued on the same day, a move that was signalled months in advance by the government.

Led by U.S.-based fugitive preacher Fetullah Gülen, FETÖ orchestrated a failed coup plot and stood behind a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through infiltrating Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police and the judiciary.

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