AK Party stresses rejuvenating process, dismisses early election claims

Published 29.10.2017 19:55

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) agreed on the need to rejuvenate the organization and denied snap election claims following a meeting of its Central Executive Committee and Central Decision Board (MKYK) Friday.

"We should take immediate steps if we want to succeed… We are ready to take these necessary steps," President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reportedly told the meeting as he urged party members to get to work without losing time, sources in the AK Party confirmed. Erdoğan also stressed that AK Party members should act with the same spirit, excitement, and logic that emulates the AK Party in its early years.

The party chairman also underlined that those who have recently resigned from their posts should not be excluded from the work ahead of the elections.

"We should continue our work without losing these friends," he said, adding that members of the AK Party should not comment on those who have left their positions as "they didn't leave due to faults," Erdoğan said.

He said each and every political party must make certain decisions at times of need and "as is the case with the AK Party, having a right to nominate candidates as well as demand these people's resignations."

Brushing off snap election claims once again, Erdoğan told the meeting: "There won't be an early election, not by any means. … They [the main opposition] demand an early election so as to change the current agenda."

Meanwhile, AK Party spokesperson Mahir Ünal said the party was preparing Turkey for 2023, while rejuvenating itself for the 2019 elections. He stressed that the AK Party was focused on working for Turkey and its citizens, not on positions and particular persons.

"We all will leave our offices those who have more energy to fulfill its duty. This is our vision," said Ünal. He went on to say that the main issue was pertaining to Turkey, its people, independence and the future. "AK Party chairman and cadres can call some members to resign after holding consultations," Ünal stressed. He said a political and sociological inspection of the two election periods must be carried out because citizens demand so and emphasized, "The AK Party does not have positions, but people do."

Stating that the evaluation process was being carried out using the AK Party's parameters for measuring success, Ünal said the AK Party was also evaluating the main cadre, its women and youth branches in the context of the rejuvenation process.

He said that the AK Party will kick off its provincial congress at the end of November and was hoping to finish them by March 2018. He stressed that the AK Party has held 509 district congresses so far, adding that half of the party's district organizations have already been changed.

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