Forward march for Politics and Columns

Published 03.04.2017 00:00

The March 2017 statistics for Daily Sabah's "Reader's Corner," featured on its website, bears a few new surprises.

With an extra week that also included two days from April, took the usual pool of forty news items to fifty this month, while their distribution in different categories, clearly and definitively exhibited the influence of the current affairs on reader tendencies.

Unlike the two previous months, local news or "National," took a backseat and lost the leadership to "Politics." With 23 news articles in this category, Politics occupied almost half of the news pool and the subcategories clearly indicate it was due to the recent diplomatic row between Turkey and several European countries. Out of the total 23, 12 were listed under the subcategory "Diplomacy," its highest number yet.

Coming far behind in second was the "War on Terror," with only three articles. Meanwhile, with only two entries, the subcategories "Elections," and "EU Affairs," came in at third. The articles could respectively be attributed to the upcoming Presidential Referendum, and the EU-Turkey row. Finally, four news items were listed without a subcategory.

After having a rather quite month in February, "Columns" made a tremendous comeback, picking up the second place for the first time, with eight articles. This clearly indicates the fact that over the last month, readers not only turned to Daily Sabah for news, but also for expert opinions.

Our writers Yahya Bostan and Merve Şebnem Oruç both contributed two columns while the remaining four belonged to İbrahim Kalın, Ragıp Soylu, İlnur Çevik and Cemil Ertem.

Coming in at third was "World." Showing a definite upward trend after February, it had a total of six entries, with two news items under "Asia Pacific," and "America" subcategories, and one each for "Mideast" and "Africa."

Fourth place was shared by "Business" and "Turkey," with four entries each.

In Business, two news items were under "Tourism," one each in "Economy" and "Defense" subcategories.

Meanwhile, "Turkey" had two news articles without a listed subcategory while the two of its remaining items were evenly distributed amongst "Istanbul" and "Investigations."

Next in was "Life," with its three entries, two of them which were under the subcategory, "History," proving once again that archeology news on Daily Sabah attracts quite a bit of readers' attention. The remaining articles belonged to Travel.

The last two articles were under the "Arts" category, one each for the "Portrait" and "Cinema" subcategories.

After a long streak in the first place, Politics has been slowly making way for daily news articles about Turkey as some heightening tension, over the past weeks, certainly appears to have improved its popularity.

The biggest change last month, however, was the unprecedented rise of Columns. Considering the number of daily columns, which is easily outnumbered by news items, a second place is a worthy accolade for our writers. The items distribution between various columnists clearly means that the achievement is a shared rather than an individual one.

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