Ending the year with political, regional articles on top


Bidding goodbye to 2017, we cast a final look at Daily Sabah's Top 10 list for December to find out more about readers' preferences.

Last month, current events had a great effect on our most read news articles, particularly given the political crisis surrounding President Trump's decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Returning to first place after a month's absence, "Politics" managed to get 16 news articles on the list, although we could have given this place to its subcategory "Diplomacy," which had to its name 14 articles, the same as the following two categories had in total. It was an impressive showing nonetheless due to the political climate and a number of state visits. The "War on Terror" also had an entry, while the last one in this category was listed only under "Politics" without a subcategory.

Coming up next was "World," moving up a place from November. It had a total of nine articles and eight of them were listed under the subcategory of "Middle East." The remaining entry did not have a specified subcategory.

Third place belonged to "Life" with five articles. Although it didn't manage to reprise its standing from November, the number of "Features" in the Top 10 was impressive. A total of three features entered the list last month and they belonged to Ekrem Buğra Ekinci, Çetin Kaya Koç, and Erhan Afyoncu. The remaining article in the category was "History," a subcategory that has had a long-time presence on the list.

"Columns" also moved up two places in December with four entries compared to two in November. The articles in question belonged to Saadet Oruç, Burhanettin Duran, Ragıp Soylu and Hakkı Öcal.

The next place was closer to home as it belonged to "Turkey" with three news articles. Only one of them had the subcategory "Istanbul." The remaining two were only listed under "Turkey."

In at six was "Business" with two articles. One of them belonged to the subcategory "Tech," while the other was listed under "Tourism."

The last article on the lists belonged to "Arts" category. It has managed to hold onto to its place for several months now despite fewer overall articles on the website.

With subcategories "Diplomacy" and "Middle East" making a great showing and comeback, it is safe to say our readers were interested in both the region and Turkey's affairs due to several critical developments last month. On the other hand, the dramatic increase in "Features" outline that journalism is not just about politics but deals with all aspects of our lives.

In the following weeks expect a Reader's Corner piece on the disposition of news articles in the Turkish media according to their general subjects and whether the variety is at an acceptable level or not.

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