Büyükyalı extends Bosporus line

Published 29.04.2016 20:28
Updated 29.04.2016 20:32
Büyükyalı extends Bosporus line

On Emlak Konut GYO land in Kazlıçeşme in collaboration with Özak GYO, Ziylan Real Estate and Yenigün Construction, the Büyükyalı project is a new town planning approach for Istanbul

The Büyükyalı Istanbul project, which is the highest revenue-sharing realty tender in the history of the Republic of Turkey, is coming to life in Kazlıçeşme, on land owned by Emlak Konut GYO in partnership with Özak GYO, Ziylan Real Estate and Yenigün Construction. The chairman of the executive board of Özak, Ziylan Real Estate and Yenigün Construction partnership, Ahmet Akbalık, said: "In our project, we are initiating a new urbanization approach that is taken as an example by cities around the world. This approach offers a combined concept of a safe and social life. Four main gates featured in the project provide a safe entrance and exit to Büyükyalı's main square and common areas; hence, we define our project as 'Four Neighborhoods, One District'." Akbalık added: "We are building a residential area that is harmonious with its surroundings and will contribute not just to its residents but also the region it is located in. We are happy to introduce a project that will keep neighborhood culture alive with squares, cultural centers, indoor and outdoor sports centers, playgrounds, cafes, restaurants, greengrocer, patisserie, school and mosque. Our aim with the Büyükyalı project is to create a "neighborhood by the sea" in the city that offers various opportunities to meet the needs of its residents and comfort as well as security and a good life. With all its outstanding features, Büyükyalı will be a work of art that passed down to future generations." Akbalık said that they introduced the Büyükyalı project to the press and public on March 8, adding that they are glad about people's interest in the project.

Thumbs up by investors: Akbalık said that they received more than 2,000 submissions since they began promoting Büyükyalı, and the project received thumbs up by investors at MIPIM, the first international fair where the project was presented. "Despite current conjecture in the world, Istanbul is an important location for investors," he added.

The advantage of transportation: Akbalık suggested that the Marmaray's Zeytinburnu station and the Eurasia Tunnel - a 5.4-kilometer undersea motorway between Istanbul's European and Asian sides, which are located right next to Büyükyalı, offer various alternatives and advantages for transportation. He said: "Apart from Marmaray's Zeytinburnu station and the Eurasia Tunnel projects, which will be completed by the end of 2016, the eight-lane coastal road will be open for transportation. In short, when residents move to Büyükyalı in 2019, all new transportation alternatives will have been opened and integrated with each other. The coast road, which will offer people residing in the area the opportunity to cycle, jog and walk from Sirkeci to Küçükçekmece, is also one of the advantages of living in a 'neighborhood by the sea'."

55 meters high: Akbalık said that the heights of the buildings are planned so that they won't disturb the skyline of the historical peninsula, adding: "We developed the project in light of related laws and decisions. The buildings were planned to be 70 meters high, but due to the elevation difference of the land, the buildings are now to be 55 meters high." He said that the four main gates would enable safe entrance and exit to the squares and common areas; hence, they describe the project as "Four Neighborhoods, One District" and the neighborhood culture will dominate the project once it is finished.

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