Sea front houses in Istanbul

Published 29.04.2016 20:30
Updated 29.04.2016 20:34

Due to the rapid development of housing projects in Istanbul, there is now a wide range of choices, making it possible to own a beautiful house with Bosporus view at convenient prices

Residing in a house with a sea view in Istanbul is more than a dream now after some of the most recent projects being completed by construction firms. These housing projects, ideally set on the blue of the Sea of Marmara on both the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul, await new residents with convenient prices.

Turkey's housing market really began to grow, especially with the boom in construction in 2005. With its seven hills, the legendary beauty of the Bosporus and Sea of Marmara, Istanbul is the center of this great change. In every corner of the city, from Ümraniye to Kurtköy, Kartal to Beylikdüzü and Maslak to Maltepe, one encounters construction projects. Places which were previously in the middle of nowhere are now full of luxury homes with amazing views. Due to the intense tempo of work, many people in Istanbul long for the sea. For those who spend the bulk of their days at work and in traffic, watching the sea on one of the 7 hills of the Istanbul is pure bliss.

Upper floors are preferred

High-rise building technology and lack of land downtown has brought along with it a vertical restructuring. Istanbul's high-rise buildings provide an opportunity to gaze out upon the view of the Sea of Marmara over a certain height. Along with the coastal regions, the projects overlooking the sea built on the high ground of Istanbul intensify especially in Kartal, Beykoz, Pendik, Maltepe and Beylikdüzü. Many of the projects may look similar, but natural amenities such as the sea or a lake add additional value. Especially those who have not previously owned a home can now afford one with these coastline projects, many of them in high-rise buildings with a sea view.

Inexpensive houses with sea view are a possibility

It is also possible to come across more economical houses in Istanbul as well, even though many houses with sea views are worth millions of dollars in luxury projects. For example, a 1+0 apartment in Maltepe with a sea view can be purchased for TL 350,000($125,000), while a 55-square-meter studio apartment in Kartal costs TL 300,000 and a 1+1 70 square-meter apartment in Beylikdüzü is up for sale for TL 250,000.

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