Presidential spokesman Kalın, Jewish newspaper chief condemn anti-Semitic cartoon


Presidential spokesman İbrahim Kalın and the editor-in-chief of Şalom weekly, Ivo Molinas condemned late Thursday an anti-Semitic cartoon published in an Istanbul-based magazine named "Gırgır."

In the cartoon published in the left-wing humor magazine, Prophet Moses is depicted in an offensive way and obscene language is used regarding the Crossing the Red Sea incident, in which Muslims, Jews and Christians believe Moses strikes a rock on the ground twice with his staff after which the Red Sea is parted by God to facilitate the passing of Moses' people.

"This is not humor or freedom of speech, this is hate crime. I strongly condemn this disrespectful act targeting beliefs," spokesman Kalın said on Twitter with the cartoon attached to the tweet.

Ivo Molinas also condemned the cartoon, saying "This is apparently from the Gırgır magazine. What a scandal, what disrespect!"

Şalom (Shalom) is a Jewish weekly newspaper published in Turkey. It mainly covers news about the Jewish diaspora in Turkey.

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