Two Macedonians head for Mecca pilgrimage on bicycle

Published 04.07.2018 23:32

Senad İdrisi and Amir Aslani, two close friends from Macedonia, are heading for Mecca by bike to complete their hajj pilgrimage.

Departing from Macedonia, İdrisi and Aslani came to Istanbul after passing through Albania and Greece. Carrying their equipment and pedaling at the same time, they want to make history for coming generations by recording their journey as they head to their destination.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) reporters, İdrisi said that they want to reach Mecca by pedaling all the way and that he is a lawyer interested in professional climbing while his companion is an imam.

Starting the journey from Kalkandelen, Macedonia, İdrisi said: "We went to Albania, and after passing through Greece came to Istanbul. Following in the footsteps of our ancestors, as our Prophet Muhammed and his "ashab," his companions, walked on pilgrimage to Mecca; we want to ride our bikes on our pilgrimage duty. Our biggest motivation is to remember that Muhammed walked on pilgrimage."

İdrisi said that they have been getting ready for this pilgrimage for two years and they are aware of any hardship that they may face. According to their plans, it will take approximately 40-45 days.

They have been sharing this journey on social media, especially with Macedonians, and their families and many people support them.

They want to be good examples for people and the first pilgrims to make the journey by bike rather than by foot. İdrisi said just one person has made his pilgrimage by walking from Bosnia to Mecca.

After crossing three continents and six countries, İdrisi and Aslani want to end up at Mecca and pray for Muslims all over the world.

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