Academics share their love of science at Science Cafe

Published 07.04.2017 00:00

The Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara is reviving the tradition of the "Science Café." The "Science Café," which came into being when philosophers in Paris began discussing the latest scientific developments with the public in the 40s, is being reanimated by academics in METU.

As part of the project, METU's academics will travel through Turkey and talk about the latest scientific developments in Turkey as well as in the world. In the project, research and development projects will be explained to people from seven to 70.

The first "Science Café" event took place in Antalya. Associate Professor Bilge Demirköz offered a presentation on radiation at the Engelsiz Café (a local café reserved for physically disabled people). Demirköz, who was presented the "International Rising Award" by UNESCO, recently shared her experiences as well as her research on the famous "dark matter" at CERN.

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