Tiger Woods arrives to golf in Turkey

Published 10.10.2012 00:00
Updated 10.10.2012 16:13

In Antalya to participate in the Turkish Airlines World Golf tournament, Tiger Woods spoke to the press about his impressions of golfing in Turkey.

Explaining that they have been impressed with what they have seen so far, Woods was speaking to the press and stated, "We had the opportunity to see the golf fields a few hours ago and played nine holes. It is going to be great to be here."

Speaking to the press, THY Corporate Communications President Zeki Çukur presented Woods with a model plane. Turkish Airlines are the main sponsors of the festival.

The Turkish Airlines World Golf Tournament runs from October 8th to the 12th and has eight well-known golf pros including Tiger Woods and Rory Mc Llroy competing for a one and a half million dollar prize.

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