Impressive lake in Turkey to become center for water sports

Published 29.04.2016 00:03
Updated 29.04.2016 00:05
Impressive lake in Turkey to become center for water sports

Visitors to Lake Salda, known for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, are looking forward to infrastructural innovations that will make the area a water sports center and add facilities for bird watching

Local authorities in Burdur's Yeşilova district have initiated a project to introduce tourism to Lake Salda, which is reminiscent of the Maldives with its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Lake Salda is 185 meters deep, 6,800 meters wide and 9,086 meters long, and located in a tectonic pit. The lake is home to 301 different water and land plant species belonging to 61 different families, and has a unique natural beauty with turquoise water. The lake hosts cycling tours, bird watching events, diving and swimming organizations, as well as professional and amateur photography sessions.

Provincial director of Press and Information in Antalya Esen Diler, and Nature Conservation and Burdur branch director of National Parks Tamer Yılmaz, held a press conference to promote Lake Salda to local and national press members. Yeşilova District head Necdet Özdemir, also in attendance at the press conference, said that they will prioritize infrastructure works for Lake Salda and its surroundings in order to introduce tourism within the region. He said that they are trying to put a construction plan together, as Lake Salda is located in an environmentally protected area, and continued, "We applied to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for a construction plan for the area. Once the plan is put together, we will be able to welcome tourists."

Özdemir pointed out that there is no facility for swimming activities although people already swim in the lake, and said that they are planning to erect a facility as a part of infrastructure works. "We will enable people to practice water sports on the lake," said Özdemir. "We are also planning to build facilities that will enable people to paraglide. We have contacted the Turkish Aeronautical Association and authorities belonging to the related federation. Soon, tourists will be able to paraglide in Lake Salda."

Lake Salda is very close to Eşekler Flatlands and Salda Ski Center; hence Burdur's Yeşilova district will soon offer a variety of tourism alternatives to tourists, once the facilities in Lake Salda are finished. The region has a hotel with a 50-guest capacity; however, if Yeşilova is to make a breakthrough in tourism, more accommodation alternatives will need to be constructed. Commenting on the accommodation problem in Yeşilova, Özdemir said, "We have to increase our bed capacity and put a construction plan together as soon as possible. There are various entrepreneurs who want to build five star hotels, but they want to build them near the lake. We hope to get the necessary permissions from the Protective Area Committee. As the head of the district, we are already protecting the area. We will not allow anybody to construct anything without permission."

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