Turkey's biggest kiteboard festival to kick off in Istanbul

Published 03.08.2016 23:21
Updated 03.08.2016 23:23
Turkey's biggest kiteboard festival to kick off in Istanbul

Istanbul's Kilyos coast is ready to host a rich program of events for the Istanbul Kite Festival accompanied by an array of sports and music performances

The Istanbul Kite Festival, organized by the Turkish Sailing Federation, will unite kiteboard lovers in Istanbul in a fest full of sports and music.

The festival will be held on one of Istanbul favorite spots, Burc Beach, between Aug. 10-14.

While music, sun, sea, sports and sponsor activities offer memorable moments to visitors, the participants will have their fair share of visual delights, sports and entertainment with the activities that are planned. Kiteboard lovers will also come together for the first time.

At the Kiteboard Turkish Open, a prestige and title race, 120 ambitious players will race for the championship in kitefoil, slalom and freestyle categories.

Champions including Taner Aykurt, Ejder Ginyol, Armağan Ersolak, Başak Çakmak, Enç Özen, Serkan Erkek, Alperen Beyli, Kerem Balık, Çisil Özen and Arzu Taylan will attend the open, which is being held on one of the most appropriate beaches for kiteboard, in Kilyos. The players that come out in the men and women's' categories of kitefoil, slalom and freestyle disciplines will be rewarded at the end of the final races.

In existence since 2013, Turkey's biggest kiteboard organization attempts to increase the sport's popularity by improving its offerings each year.

Similar to windsurfing, and using an equipment called a "kite" that resembles a parachute, kiteboard is based on wind control. One of the world's most popular sports, kiteboard offers a visual feast and memorable experience to viewers.

During the Hang Time Race kites will try to stay in the air as long as possible. Requiring resistance for wind and kite coordination and arousing excitement in the viewers, as it is one of the festival's most colorful competitions, the race will enable players to show their strength against the wind while racing to keep their kites in the air as long as possible.

A recent favorite in the sports world, paddle boarding is done by rowing on a surfboard on water, and offers is a very effective cardio activity. The SUP Race will present colorful visuals and provide an exciting experience as it will be open for everyone on the beach.

In the exhibition area, the best equipment of the season will be introduced. After visitors are informed about the products, they can also try all of them on Burc Beach.

Along with the races, the festival will also host sunset parties. From day to night, viewers will have fun with beach parties, DJ performances and live music.

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