Boxer wearing ‘America first,’ border wall shorts pummeled 6 rounds by Mexican opponent

Published 15.04.2018 21:23
Updated 15.04.2018 21:25

The fashion choice of American boxer Rod Salka turned his crushing defeat at the hands of his Mexican opponent Francisco Vargas from a loss to a media firestorm.

The 35-year-old super featherweight donned shorts with Trump's slogan "America First" on the waistband, decorated with border wall bricks for his match-up with Mexico City native Vargas at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California last Thursday.

Salka ended up throwing in the towel after Vargas pummeled him six straight rounds.

Salka's ironic annihilation took social media and the boxing world by storm.

"We are not going to get into these issues, but I think we are bringing a spirit typical of Latino people—this heart, this delivery," said one ESPN Deportes announcer after the match. "Let's leave it by saying it was a good choice to take on Salka."

Immigration has been a hot topic in the boxing ring, where many fighters hail from Mexico and have made their voices heard in opposition to U.S. President Donald Trump's rhetoric.

Vargas's promoter, Mexican-American boxing star Oscar De La Hoya, who has been a strong voice against racism, said the fight itself was "an indirect hit to Donald Trump."

Vargas himself, who is on the comeback trail after winning the WBC Super Featherweight Title in the past, stayed out of the media buzz on the match.

"I wanted to put a great show. … I feel great because we did a great job," he said simply.

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