Hungary truck driver tries to run over Syrian refugees in Calais

Published 29.11.2015 12:17
Updated 29.11.2015 12:21

An aggressive Hungarian truck driver's video circulating on various social media outlets shows him attempting to run over Syrian refugees walking on a highway in French city of Calais.

In the video, -which was posted on November 25, - around 50 refugees, run off the road in terror to save their lives, while the Hungarian truck driver accelerates towards them and swears in Hungarian as some refugees throw trash at his vehicle in retaliation.

The driver was allegedly complaining about the situation in Calais, while he screamed offensive language against the refugees.

He also blamed the lack of government control along the highway and yelled at the police saying, "You need to have a wall of police on both sides of the motorway, because of these filthy scum."

Calais has long been a magnet for refugees seeking to try their luck at slipping into Britain, a country without identity cards where it is easier for workers to melt into a booming informal economy. What is different this time is that the migrants number in the thousands not hundreds, and disruption to freight and passenger traffic has been prolonged in the summer holiday season.

Hundreds of refugees including children continue drown in the Mediterranean. In August, 71 refugees were found dead in a parked truck in Austria while EU continues to turn a blind eye to the crisis as more deaths are reported on a daily basis.

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