Turkey’s first Smart TV lab opens with Philips and Kadir Has University cooperation

Published 12.11.2015 12:31
Updated 12.11.2015 17:01
KHU Rector Aydın (L) and Philips TV Turkey General Manager Kocabaş (R).
KHU Rector Aydın (L) and Philips TV Turkey General Manager Kocabaş (R).

Istanbul's Kadir Has University (KHU) and electronics giant Philips came together to open Turkey's first smart television laboratory aimed at teaching students and young software developers how to create applications for Smart TVs.

Aiming to set an example for future cooperation between universities and industry leaders, Rector Professor Mustafa Aydın and Philips TV Turkey General Manager Faruk Kocabaş, decided that KHU should house the laboratory.

Aydın stated that students and researchers will have the chance to develop new and up-to-date Android applications. "Through Turkey's first Smart TV laboratory founded at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty of KHU, we have added another chain to the strong ties we have established between the university and business sector," Aydın said.

Kocabaş said that this initiative will not only be beneficial for Philips, but for the entire Android-based smart television sector. "We expect very creative output from the students that will be trained here. Furthermore, they don't have to develop applications only for Philips; they can also be used for all Android-based televisions. Each new idea that will be produced and put into practice here will be a driving force for growth in the TV industry," Kocabaş said. He added that this laboratory can also be an important opportunity for software developers.

Courses at the laboratory will be taught by KHU faculty members and technology experts. KHU will provide assistance when developers apply to obtain patents for their projects.

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