Turkcell system to detect fake news on social media

Published 29.06.2019 00:08

Turkey's largest GSM operator has reportedly developed a system to detect and verify fake news circulating on social media. The company has filed an invention application to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office under the title of "A News Verification System" within the scope of the "Patent/Utility Model."

The application was filed on May 17, 2019. The blockchain-based system will check whether the news published on social media is correct or not, cross-checking through all news sources on the internet. The form and scope of the application made on behalf of the Turkcell Technology Research and Development Inc. have been set to "national."

The text of the application for the news verification system patent, which has not yet been registered and which is under investigation by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, includes the following information regarding the invention: "This invention relates to a news verification system developed in order to investigate the accuracy of false news, consciously or unconsciously spread through social media, through the blockchain technology, and through all news sources on the internet." Berna Başer, Ferda Çekinmez and Göktuğ Yılmaz were named as the inventors in the application made via Tritech Patent Trademark Consultancy Inc.

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