Chinese phone maker plans to enter Turkish market

Published 01.07.2019 00:10

Chinese Transsion Holding, one of the two companies in the world that own a production plant and sell over 130 million mobile phones annually, plans a fast entry into the Turkish market. The company has decided to establish a mobile phone factory in Turkey with a planned investment of $3 billion in five years. Accelerating retail operations in the first stage, the company plans to establish a large chain of stores in big cities with its Tecno mobile phone brand to take its place in technology markets and make a noteworthy entry into the market at competitive prices.

The senior management of the company, which partnered with Genar Araştırma and entered Turkey through this channel, came to the country and carried out the latest checks on retail operations. İhsan Aktaş, the head of Genar Araştırma, said an investment agreement was reached with the Chinese company, recalling that they established Digigen Communications in this manner. "This company will run sales and investment operations here," Aktaş added.

Digigen CEO Celalettin Ünal said that after the production of Tecno mobile phones in Turkey, they would attach special importance to localization and develop technology according to changes or applications requested by Turkish consumers. "Tailor-made phones will be produced for Turkey," he noted.

Ünal added that the retail process would be commissioned in the next couple of months. "We will also cooperate with a leading university in Turkey to produce new technologies," Ünal said. "In the first year, 2.5 million phone exports are planned, which corresponds to $300 million a year. In line with this sales volume, an investment of $2.5 to 3 billion should be made in five years."

Ünal added that they met with ministries about incentives, underlining the government's support for the project.

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