Turkcell to invest TL 2B in data centers

Published 09.07.2019 00:16

Turkcell, which has further reinforced the strategy of "Turkey's data should stay in Turkey" by establishing eight data centers in the country, will have invested TL 2 billion in data centers by the end of next year.

The company, which plans to strengthen its customer-focused approach in the coming period, has identified one of its main areas as providing digital solutions for corporations and sectors, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

With its new group company, Turkcell Digital Business Services, Turkcell will continue to provide companies with end-to-end digital sector solutions, including cloud, cybersecurity, "internet of things" (IoT), big data, business solutions, system integration and artificial intelligence (AI).

With its services and business solutions, Turkcell has become the world's fastest-growing operator in the last three years, holding the title of the largest data center operator in Turkey with eight centers.

Striving to bring the world's most advanced and most secure next-generation data centers to its customers, the company also launched the İzmir Data Center with a 14,500-square-meter facility and 2,400-square-meter white space last year following the Gebze Data Center opened in 2016. With the completion of the Ankara data center this year and Çorlu facility in 2020, the total amount of investment will reach TL 2 billion.

Turkcell offers cloud services to its corporate customers as Turkey's leading operator in this field. While positioning all the information technology infrastructure of the corporations in Turkcell Data Centers and reducing the cost to its customers, it also provides a flexible infrastructure.

In a statement to AA regarding the data center investments, Ceyhun Özata, executive vice president of Turkcell Corporate and Residential Sales, said their investment in security applications and data centers would emerge more clearly in the future, stressing that every country should provide its own infrastructure on cybersecurity.

"As Turkcell, we have recently opened a world-class cybersecurity operations center. We take measures in every security layer, such as attack prevention systems and virus prevention. We invest both in the system and human resources in cybersecurity," Özata continued. "Our aim is to increase our domestic and national knowledge and help Turkey become one of the leading countries in cybersecurity. In this context, we select 30 young people every year with the security training system. We employ some of them in our company and offer others to the needs of the sector. In addition, we provide consultancy services to companies with our expert staff, test the security of their systems, analyze what they need in this field and provide the necessary solutions, thus managing the processes like consulting, analysis, infrastructure, testing for our customers."

Özata noted that the Cyber Security Operation Center at Turkcell Maltepe Technology Plaza received the Forum of Incident Response Security Teams (FIRST), one of the most prestigious certificates in this field. "FIRST works with accredited security operations centers around the world to provide access to the best sources of protection and access to potential threats," he said. "We are the first company in Turkey that provides service to its customers with the FIRST certificate. We have designed this center with an infrastructure that can provide security solutions for public institutions."

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