Children of the cloud generation, not of the hard drive

Published 26.07.2019 00:42
Access to the internet and its speed has become a very dominant factor for Generation Z's decision on services they receive, forcing enterprises to adapt to the technology and digital demands of this new generation.
Access to the internet and its speed has become a very dominant factor for Generation Z's decision on services they receive, forcing enterprises to adapt to the technology and digital demands of this new generation.

Have you ever thought about the kind of dorms that young people, who keep photos, lecture notes, sorrows and joys in the cloud instead of in a computer, would like to live in? Now that our future depends on their imagination, we have to listen to them more and understand their demands

I remember the days I was staying in the Abdi İpekçi Dorm adjacent to Istanbul Technical University's (ITU) Maçka Campus as if it was only yesterday. It was our greatest concern to choose the best table in the study room of the dorm and to produce photocopies from the clean-cut notebook of our friend who had the best lecture notes. We considered four-person dorm rooms luxury and two-person rooms king suites.

Well, how are the dorms now? How have the dorms belonging to the General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Agency changed over the last 30 years? Under what conditions do young people, having the brainpower to change our future, live?

Let us answer this question by asking young people born in 2001. In other words, if you are wondering what kind of dorm millennium children born during the 2001 crisis would like to stay in now, let us take a look at the results of a survey of 1,144 students.

Cloud generation has great expectations

According to the survey of 1,144 Generation Z students, who have grown up in the digital world, the quality of internet services plays a decisive role in their dorm preferences; and dorms where dorm registration and other procedures can be performed online are coming to the fore. In other words, students first collect information on social media and from their friends staying in that dorm and then want to do all transactions on the Internet. This is because, unlike us, they are the children of the cloud generation, not of the hard drive.

That individuals born in 2000 and beyond, Generation Z, have started higher education has also radically changed expectations of student dorms. New generation students accompany new generation needs. Dorm managers bring the efficiency and digitalization needed by students with the cloud.

Internet speed, digital services

The results of the survey conducted by Residorm Student Dorms, which prefers cloud-based Livinsoft in dorm management software, prove once again that students want digital dorms. According to the study conducted in Residorm branches in Kırıkkale, Muğla and Balıkesir, Internet speed has an effect of up to 20% on students' re-registration preferences. This effect makes a difference on students' decision twice as much as what students pay for the dorm. One out of every four students look for another dorm because they are not satisfied with the speed of the internet. While digital dorms win, those failing to get digitalized lag behind.

Generation Z students, accustomed to doing course selection and registration transactions via the internet, would also like to see the convenience of online transactions in the dorm where they will register. Livinsoft, cloud-based dorm management software, provides online interactivity opportunities and conveniences that students born in the digital age seek in dorms. Livinsoft, which has been used in seven dorms with approximately 5,000 beds since 2018, has transformed the efficiency of cloud technologies into benefits for students in dorms.

Today's children born in digital age

The new generation has great expectations. They are more interested in volunteering their own desired work. So, fast internet connectivity alone is not enough. The features of the solution for business management include building and room configuration, pricing and campaign management, pre-accountancy, online payment, additional revenue management, financial reporting, detailed filtering, document and inventory management. As far as user basis, detailed authority management, task assignment and follow-ups are performed and the history of user operations can be viewed.

Thanks to interactive solutions such as survey modules, it is possible to make announcements or surveys directly to students through the deep filtering system. End-to-end digitalization has helped improve manager, staff and student experiences.

Habits of millennial children have changed

Millennial children born after 2000 have turned 19. They were babies born with great hopes. While there is ongoing research to understand their wishes and they are called Generation Z or their generations are defined with other letters, they would like to be valued first. Their passion for gaming on computers and smartphones does not make them worthless. We have done very little to make them transform into a curious, productive and creative generation. They should not pay for our indecisiveness and the education system, which has turned into a flip-flop board. Now, we have to provide optimum conditions to enable them to pursue their curiosity, rather than to build dorms alone.

Choose the best for their passions

Listen to your child's tastes and wishes when buying them a computer. Growing options enable children to access ergonomics that will not negatively affect their health and strong performance at reasonable prices.

Years ago, I listened to the complaints of a mother who told me about her child's gaming habits on a television channel. She was exasperated that her child was playing games until 2 a.m. However, the mother joined the television program at 4.30 a.m. Parents quickly forget that each period brings different habits, passions and obsessions. How balanced or consistent are parents in their own demands and behaviors while requesting balanced behaviors from their children? Dealers of telecom operators, such as Türk Telekom, also have options for laptop computers.

First, value your children's thoughts while buying the right computer. For a child who is a game enthusiast, a computer for everyday use will not be suitable, and it is not a good choice to buy a high-tech gaming computer for a child who spends time on computer in daily activities alone, such as watching movies, listening to music or socializing. A strong processor, strong memory and eye-friendly ergonomic design are crucial. If you buy a laptop, you should pay attention to the conditions of use and screen quality. To get maximum performance from the computer purchased, it is also important to consider hobbies and the purposes of use. If your child spends long hours on the computer, the screen quality becomes even more important.

Huge passion for the big screen

A laptop more suitable for everyday use such as an Aspire 3 offers convenient operation on a large screen of 15.6 inches and can easily handle many everyday functions, as well as HD screen resolution and affordable price. However, it is necessary to prefer computers such as Nitro 5G with a minimum of 8 GB RAM and a high-performance external graphics card for the use of computer games or installed design programs that require higher performance. If you are going to buy a computer for a gaming enthusiast child, pay attention to the fan and cooling technologies available on the computer. For instance, the Nitro 5 series features two fans and Acer CoolBoost technology, which adjust the cooling fan speed for longer use without heating. Models such as Aspire 3, which feature technologies such as Bluelight Shield that help protect eye health, may be preferable because of the obvious advantage of reducing exposure to harmful blue light by adjusting color tone and brightness.

Artificial intelligence on laptops

The graphics card provides extra power to laptops, offering performance-like special design. The Excalibur G900 pushes the limits of performance! With the 6-core Intel Core i7-9750H processor and RTX graphics cards with NVIDIA's Turing architecture, and it will challenge even the toughest game in the world. It brings all the performance a desktop computer can offer to laptop users. NVIDIA's Turing architecture RTX graphics cards offer 30% better performance than their previous generation. With the RTX2060 and RTX2080 graphics cards, you will enjoy hours of gaming and very intense drawing.

Thanks to its features like ray tracing, image editing in milliseconds through artificial intelligence (AI), and programmable shading, it offers a wide range of experiences compared to previous generations of laptops. Through Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, NVIDIA now makes us see every detail in a more realistic way. Thanks to the incredible speed that artificial intelligence has brought, it understands how the actual shape and length of every detail in the game should be and transfers it to the image in milliseconds without exhausting the graphics card. Also, images are 40% clearer while playing games.

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