Latest council report focuses on luxury tourism services


The government is set to carry out efforts to create a luxury Turkey image with the participation of local artists and actors in the country's tourism industry, while for wedding tourism, reasonable prices will be provided to foreigners who organize events in palaces and similar areas.

The final report of the 3rd Tourism Council, organized after 15 years by the Culture and Tourism Ministry on Nov. 1-3 last year and which will be a decisive factor in the new roadmap of the country's tourism industry, was published Friday. The report includes proposals on steps regarding wedding and luxury tourism.

In the report's luxury tourism section, highlighted proposals such as that local products and brands should be supported in luxury tourism spots, cooperation with local administrations, informing locals and artisans and efforts related to their training.

The report also included proposals such as launching Turkish Airlines (THY) flights to targeted destinations, providing additional training to guides and staff who can serve luxury tourism, introduction of luxury cars for transportation and creation of a luxury Turkey image with the participation of famous artists and actors.

The report included a proposal for the creation of a comprehensive promotion program for wedding tourism, citing countries such as India, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States members as target markets.

It also suggested that in coordination with the Culture and Tourism Ministry, advertising regarding wedding tourism should be done by Turkish and Indian companies in India, and that wedding tourism-oriented presentations, films and materials should be prepared. It also suggested that promotional activities, advertising materials and films with Bollywood stars and cricketers should be arranged.

Moreover, it also said that support for some Indian movies so they are filmed in Turkey should be provided and that emphasis should be given to issues such as Turkey's service, quality and price equilibrium, ultra-luxury resorts suitable for weddings, culture, eating habits common with India and other wedding tourism countries and other competitive advantages.

It also said that for the development of wedding tourism, the problems experienced in scheduled and charter flights should be solved, agreements with catering companies form India should be made and that reasonable prices should be provided by wedding sites for requests for palaces and similar areas.

The report also touched on introduction of facilities in terms of visa issuance to wedding participants, the exemption of wedding expenses from value-added tax (VAT) and formation of wedding tourism incentive documents by the Economy Ministry.

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