Arab tourists invest in Black Sea hazelnut gardens

Published 20.06.2019 00:01

Arab tourists from Middle Eastern, Gulf and North African countries, taking great interest in the Black Sea region in recent years, have been purchasing houses, land and real estate in the provinces they visit. Arab tourists, visiting coastal cities, tourism centers and the highlands of the Black Sea region the most, have bought 115 houses and 80 acres of hazelnut gardens in Ordu in the last few years.

Taking an even greater interest in the region with the launch of the Ordu-Giresun Airport, Arab tourists are seeking to invest in the region for tourism purposes. Ordu, visited by 850,000 tourists, including 111,000 foreigners in 2018, is expected to host 1 million tourists this year.

Ordu Real Estate Consultants Association Chairman Uğur Yüce noted that the most important reason behind the Arab tourists' increased interest in the region is easy transportation, adding that domestic and foreign tourists prefer the highlands, streams, waterfalls, lakes, nature parks, sea and general landscape. According to Yüce, since the airport opened, more tourists have been visiting the region, leading to a rise in land and house prices.

Arabs visiting the region, and previously focusing on Trabzon, have come to take great interest in Ordu as well, where they are now buying houses.

Emphasizing that house and land sales could further increase with the improvement of roads leading to Ordu's highlands and easy transport, Yüce said: "Thanks to the ease of airport transportation, Arabs are now visiting Giresun as well as Ordu. There are common highlands between Ordu and Giresun visited by tourists. If the highland roads are improved and prepared for tourism in our region, domestic and foreign tourists will prefer the region even more."

According to Yüce, Arab tourists usually go to Aybastı Perşembe and Kabadüz Çambaşı highlands where they have been seeking land to make tourism investments in recent years. "However, they have not yet bought land since they cannot find land in the size they want," he said.

Yüce further stated that the Arab visitors' search for land in the highlands and rumors surrounding their interest have already pushed up land prices, continuing: "We expect them to buy more houses and land in both Ordu and Giresun in the coming period."

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