Well-named flatland in northern Turkey offers paradise on earth

Published 30.08.2016 01:24
Updated 30.08.2016 01:44
Well-named flatland in northern Turkey offers paradise on earth

Located in the Ordu province the Black Sea Region, the Güzel Flatland is a real-life paradise that offers clean air, a vast green panorama and organic diary products that will make you feel healthy and alive

Güzel (beautiful) Flatland, located in the northern province of Ordu's Gölköy district, enchants its visitors with its clean and fresh air, as well as wildlife and amazing view.

Locals and tourists mostly visit the flatlands in the region from May to October. The fresh air, clean water from the mountains and the sound of the stream offer its visitors a beautiful atmosphere.

The residents of Güzel Flatland, who feed their cattle in the area's green meadows, make yogurt, cheese and butter from the milk collected. Moreover, they grow vegetables such as black cabbage, potatoes, onions and lettuce in their gardens.

Since schools are currently closed for the summer holidays, Güzel Flatland also offers a natural environment for children to have fresh air and spend time with their friends. Children can run in the meadows freely, and also have a chance to eat organic food.

Apart from the locals, the Güzel Flatland also welcomes domestic tourists who do not have time to go on a vacation. The holidaymakers, who escape from the chaos of the city, take a walk in nature accompanied by the sounds of birds.

Nature lovers also find a chance to capture beautiful photographs where the blue of the sky and the green of the flatlands meet. Moreover, the authentic wooden houses of the region add a different kind of beauty to the background of the photos.

Water, which reaches the Güzel Flatland after traveling from various natural water sources, is potable, allowing people living in the city to experience the natural water. Mastic can also be found naturally in the flatland. Prepared by scratching pine trees, natural mastic is also a good gift for people back home.

İsmet and Gülsüm Akyürek, two local residents, have been enjoying growing organic vegetables and fruits and feeding their animals in the meadows for years. At 73 years old, İsmet Akyürek claimed that they are living in the most beautiful part of Turkey. Stating that they are growing a number of products and have a chance to get organic nourishment from the land, Akyürek said they also use their cattle's' milk, cream, cheese and butter. He said he and his wife have six children and continued: "I have four sons and two daughters. They all live in Istanbul. They invite me to live in Istanbul but I do not want to go. The air of this place is fresh. There is no noise; it is quite and calm. Our flatland is as beautiful as its name."

On the other hand, 63-year-old Gülsüm Akyürek said they earn their income by selling the milk products they produce from their cattle. "Our children are living in Istanbul, while we are living here. During the day, I do chores in the house and take care of the products in my garden. I also care for the cattle. We are eating organic food here. We eat what we grow and do not buy much from others. I grow black cabbage and potatoes, among other things," Mrs. Akyürek said. She told the Anadolu Agency (AA) correspondent that she also sends the vegetables and fruits to her children in the city, adding that the beauty of the flatland gives her peace.

Neşe Talaman, who met her husband in the flatland, said they are involved in agriculture and animal breeding and stated that they maintain a happy life in the flatland.

Rıza Top, 85, said he feeds his animals in the Uluvahta Flatland. Stating that he has a total of 70 small cattle, Top said: "I get the cattle out early in the morning and feed them in the meadows. I take the animals back in the evening. I have sheep and lamb. We have been using their milk to make cheese and yogurt for years now. There is no yogurt like the yogurt made from the milk of these sheep. The water of this flatland is also fresh. It is hard to find somewhere to live similar to this place. I went to Istanbul the previous winter but this place is much more natural and calm. Living here is better in every way."

Teenager Hakan Top said he spends good times with his friends in the flatland during the summer holiday. He said he feeds the animals and plays ball in the meadows.

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