Turkey among world's top 10 holiday destinations

Published 17.04.2017 00:43

Turkish tourism is finally reaping the fruits of investments made over the last 15 years as it became the sixth most visited tourist destination in the world, said Ömer Arısoy, a senior Culture and Tourism Ministry official.

With its endless beaches, historic sites and natural beauty, Turkey is undoubtedly a touristic paradise. Calling tourism an essential for economic development, Arısoy said, "Tourism is an important industry for humanity as it supports the protection of historical and natural sites. It also builds cultural bridges."

The ministry has been working relentlessly to increase the number of tourist destinations in Turkey and boost the sector by signing partnership deals with various countries. It believes that to attract more tourists from around the globe, Turkey needs to offer originality and diversity to holiday makers.

Turkey attracted almost 13 million international tourists in 2002, that number increased to reach 40 million in 2015. The increased number was also reflected on tourism revenues as income from the sector almost tripled between 2002 and 2015, hitting $31.5 billion.

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