Turkish globetrotter takes up hitchhiking to experience the world

Published 27.04.2017 01:46
Turkish globetrotter takes up hitchhiking to experience the world

Samsun native İbrahim Durant, 25, travels the world by hitchhiking. He first hit the open roads when he was still an engineering student at Ondokuz Mayıs University.

Since then, Durant has visited 21 countries in the last five years and his travels began with a tour of Germany. Shortly after he began his globetrotting trek -, he decided to continue, earning money by working part-time.

While he spent some of his nights couch surfing, he camped out in his tent on days where he wasn't able to find someone willing to accommodate him.

So far, Durant has traveled to many destinations around the world including India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to the Anadolu Agency, the modern wanderer said he has been following his dreams by traveling the world. He emphasized that he loves to travel and does not make any plans before hitting the road because he said he was in favor of spontaneity.

"One day I was talking to my friends and we decided to travel the world. We began with a tour of the European countries. Now, they have gone home and I will continue my travels alone," he added. Since his father is a civil servant, Durant is a green passport holder which allows him to travel to most countries around the world without a visa. "I learned English at school. I love to travel and get to know new people and new places," Durant said.

This summer, the globetrotter is planning to continue his explorations in South America.

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