Giant heart-shaped ice rink warms skaters’ hearts on Russia’s Baikal Lake

Published 26.02.2018 17:11
Updated 26.02.2018 17:43

A giant heart-shaped ice rink was created by participants of an ice festival which opened Saturday on Russia's frozen Baikal Lake near the village of Listvyanka.

Drone footage from the festival captured the creation process, the size of the rink, and it's illumination after sunset.

An ice-skating marathon, one of the toughest challenges of its kind, takes place on the lake each year, and an ice sculpture exhibition will also be featured in this year's festival.

The Siberian lake, which contains more than 20 percent of the world's freshwater, each year hosts numerous events in the winter season when its giant 31,722 square kilometer area is entirely covered with thick ice for months.

The lake also welcomes thousands of visitors to its unique natural beauty during spring and winter seasons.

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