Ski, paraglide in eastern Anatolia's little-known resort

Published 31.01.2019 00:07
A paraglider flies over skiers at the Yalnızçam Ski Center in Ardahan, Turkey.
A paraglider flies over skiers at the Yalnızçam Ski Center in Ardahan, Turkey.

Adventure and outdoor enthusiasts took advantage of the semester break and enjoyed skiing and paragliding at the Yalnızçam Ski Center with its unique view and location among the Scots pine forests of Ardahan province.

Located in Ardahan, the meeting point of eastern Anatolia, the eastern Black Sea and the Caucasus, and fast becoming an important winter tourism center in Turkey with last year's investments, Yalnızçam Ski Center offers its guests an opportunity to enjoy both skiing and paragliding.

Ski lovers come to Yalnızçam with their children in order to spend the semester break and experience the happiness of trying paragliding and skiing among the Scots pine forests.

With services starting full capacity this year, Yalnızçam hosts ski and adventure lovers from various cities in the country along with those from Ardahan as it becomes more popular day by day.

The Günhers, who came from Trabzon province to Yalnızçam, which offers visitors entertaining moments with the perfect views, went skiing and paragliding.

Paragliding trainer Levent Günher, who came to Yalnızçam with his family reached the peak and waited for the wind to become appropriate for paragliding.

After the weather became suitable for it, Günher had a chance to watch the bird's-eye view of the ski center while paragliding.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Levent Günher said that he has taught a paragliding course in Ardahan and has been paragliding here before with the paragliding club, which was opened with the contribution of Ardahan Mayor Faruk Köksoy.

He said he came to Ardahan as he prefers Yalnızçam, "This place is ideal for us. It is very important for eastern Anatolia. I know Sarıkamış but this place much more ideal for me now. It is suitable in terms of accommodation, environment and prices. Ardahan is so good for skiing and paragliding at the same time. We are so happy. Luckily, we are here. We enjoyed both skiing and paragliding." Levent Günher's wife, Belgin Günher said that they love Ardahan and Yalnızçam.

Noting they enjoyed the holiday as a family, Belgin Günher said, "We have a chance to ski and paraglide here. We are so happy. I learned how to paraglide from my husband. I hope our children will also learn."

The 12-year-old son of the couple, Salih Eren and 3-year-old son Mustafa also enjoyed skiing with their father.

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