Ottoman dynasty gathers at the London embassy

Published 02.02.2012 17:59
Updated 02.02.2012 18:05

Turkey’s London Ambassador Ahmet Demirok and his wife Arzu Demirkok, held a dinner in honor of the remaining members of the Ottoman Empire legacy.

The dinner, which was held at the Embassy residence, was attended by Osman Selahaddin Efendi, the great-great grandson of Ottoman Sultan Murad V, his daughter Ayşe Gülnev Sultan and son Orhan Murad Efendi. Also attending the dinner was Leyla Beggin, the great granddaughter of Mediha Sultan, the daughter of Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid. Ottoman Sultan Mehmet Reshad's great-great grandson Mahmud Efendi was also present.

This was the first time such an event was held in London. Guests were treated to hummus, stuffed grape vines leaves, pastırma, tandır kebab and bulgur pilaf as well as a special fig and apricot dessert.

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