Meshaal: Erdoğan is not only Turkey’s leader; he is also a leader of the Muslim world

Published 01.10.2012 19:27
Updated 01.10.2012 19:31

On Sunday’s AK Party Fourth Ordinary Congress, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was re-elected to lead the party for a final term after he received all valid 1,421 of the 1,424 votes. PM Erdoğan went on to deliver a momentous address for the 40,000 audience, including a number of regional leaders that also addressed the congress.

In a speech praising Erdoğan, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal stated, "Turkey's support for the people of Syria and Palestine is unforgettable. My brother Erdoğan, thank goodness God gave you so much. And you deserve it. You are also a leader in the Muslim world."


Meshaal also commented on the situation in Palestine by stating, "There are intentions to reduce the Palestine issue to simply a division or to deliberations with Israel. However, Palestine is Jerusalem; it is the Dome of the Rock. Palestine is the land where Sultan Abdulhamid made his greatest sacrifices. Therefore, we are going to work to save our land and to take Jerusalem back. We will ensure that those Palestinian who were forced to leave Palestinian land, can return. We are going to continue until the Zionist enemy has released all of our prisoners. We are going to work to establish a true Palestinian state, despite Israel."

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