Miracle survival for infant, teen

Published 25.06.2015 21:44

Two miraculous cases of survival after falling from great heights gave a sigh of relief to the families of the survivors.

Aybüke Metin, 19, was on the balcony of her seventh-floor apartment in the southern city of Antalya on Wednesday when she felt dizzy and fell. The young girl does not remember the moment she fell while she had her hands resting on the rails. Luckily, instead of the concrete ground seven floors below, she fell onto the balcony of another apartment on the fifth floor. Turkish media dubbed the girl as "Spider Woman," though she does not remember how she briefly grabbed the rail of sixth floor that eventually led her to end up on the balcony of the lower floor. Save from a few scratches on her hands, Metin was in good health but vowed not to step foot on a balcony for a long time.

There was another miraculous survival in the northwestern Turkish city of Bursa. Hüseyin Yıldız, a 3-year-old boy, was playing with his sister while their parents were not at home yesterday. The boy climbed onto the rails of the roof of their four story residence and fell to the ground when rails broke. Passersby immediately took him to the hospital. To his doctor's amazement, the boy did not sustain a single fracture. Yıldız spent the night at the hospital as a precaution against internal bleeding.

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