Fainted young man left on the sidewalk dies, no hope for humanity

Published 26.06.2015 12:58
Updated 26.06.2015 15:05
Fainted young man left on the sidewalk dies, no hope for humanity

A young man who fainted on a minibus on June 17 in Turkey's southern city of Gaziantep died after being left on the sidewalk for nearly half an hour. Unfortunately, despite being taken to hospital by some caring and sensible passer-bys, the young man passed away four hours after being in intensive care.

The man named Halil Cengiz, 25, fainted on a minibus going from Şanlıurfa's Suruç district to Gaziantep at around 19.30. After some passengers noticed that he had fainted, the minibus driver pulled near the sidewalk and another man dragged him out only to lay him on the sidewalk.

The minibus waited for a few minutes and then took off. The man was left leaning against the wall, agonizing in pain. It wasn't until some responsible citizens passed by and called an ambulance for the man.

The man was taken to hospital with an ambulance. After being in intensive care for four hours, he was declared dead at midnight and was taken to the Gaziantep Forensic Morgue to identify the true cause of death.

A near-by security camera of an office recorded the whole incident.

It was learned that Halil Cengiz was sentenced to 4 years 2 months prison after being involved in a fight back in 2009. After hearing the sentence/court order, Cengiz apparently fell into depression and returned to Gaziantep leaving his family behind in İzmir. After hearing that the police inquired about him in İzmir, he went to Suruç to cross over to Syria. Not being able to pass the border gate, he took the minibus going to Gaziantep in which he fainted on.

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