Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT to remove advertisements from children’s network

Published 23.11.2015 22:35

Turkey's state broadcaster TRT's Director General Şenol Göka stated Monday that the TRT will cease to broadcast advertisements in the children's network "TRT Çocuk."

Speaking at the 4th International Children's Media Conference hosted by the TRT in Istanbul, Göka criticized the current role of children's networks that limit the time for children to socialize and spend time with their family. "Kids that spend a long time in front of the television are bad enough, but what is worse that calculations regarding the programs are made so in a way that children will spend 16-18 hours a day non-stop in front of the TV . So naturally, the program coordinator builds its show on receiving the most views. In other words, it is such a success that would rather make one say we wish we would have failed'" said Göka.

He added that productions that aim children are being run by adults who try to put themselves in children's shoes, and in this environment, children are either being hold in day care centers near workplaces or in the closest positions where they will one day continue the work of their elders.

"By not receiving any kind of advertisement to the children's network, even those of books or the most beneficial information, the children will be encouraged to fulfill their dreams, away from all commercial, revenue generating or yielding activities. The TRT will not let any advertisements to the children's network from now on, no matter the costs. Therefore if we can encourage children to spend more time with their families, encourage them to be more social, get them to play outside and keep them away from commercial activities and inform them with what's going on in the world or make them aware, we will have made it easier for the next problems in line" Göka said, and urged all experts at the conference to come up with shows that would urge children to spend time with their families.

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