In the name of love: Teen pretends to be intern for months to see crush

Published 30.11.2015 13:18

A 17 year-old teen worked for months as a nursing intern in a hospital in Turkey's southern province of Adana to see the nurse that he fell in love with, despite not having any health training and or education.

B.D., who is enrolled to in a distanced vocational high school's auto mechanic program, made a plan to see the nurse working in Dr. Aşkım Tüfekçi State Hospital every day. He made someone stich the uniform that 250 nursing interns of a medical vocational high school program, and mingled with them to work at the emergency service of the hospital every day.

The teen applied cardiac massage or established vascular access to patients in critical condition during his internship.

B.D. even told hospital officials that his father had murdered his mother and he has no relatives, just to stay at the hospital.

However, several interns, mostly female students, started complaining about B.D.'s behavior. When the hospital administration conducted roll call on interns, it was understood that B.D. was not on the list.

Local police units detained B.D. and handed him to the minors' department, and he was released after his statement was taken. In his statement, B.D. claimed that he pretended to be an intern because he wanted very much to be a medical employee.

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