Drivers fined to 2.5 million Turkish lira in 10 days after radars installed in small Turkish city

Published 30.04.2016 19:18
Updated 30.04.2016 19:19
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IHA Photo

More than 10,000 drivers, who had violated traffic rules in about 10 days, were fined to a total of 2,5 million Turkish Lira (nearly $900,000) in Turkey's western Edirne province after new traffic radars were installed.

After the establishment of Traffic Electronic Inspection System (TEDES), radars placed on towers by Edirne Provincial Police Department caught about 9,704 drivers for driving over speed limits, 324 drivers were also caught while violating the red light rule. The drivers were fined to a total of 2,596,687 Turkish Lira, which they will be notified of through a mail sent to their addresses.

Located in the northwest part of Turkey, Edirne's estimated population in 2014 was 165,979.

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