HDP slanders Turkish military on Twitter, serves Antalya wildfire as military arson in ‘Kurdish forests’

Published 26.06.2016 22:56
Updated 26.06.2016 23:39

The Pro-PKK Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) on Sunday falsely accused the Turkish military of setting "large swathes of forests" on fire on their official Twitter account.

Sharing photos from the wildfire in Turkey's western Antalya province that happened on the same day, HDP's tweet also claimed that the Turkish military razed mountain villages in Kurdish regions.

A similar tweet of the pro-PKK Dicle News Agency (DIHA) also suggested that the Turkish military was involved in setting a forest in the southeastern Lice district of the Diyarbakır province on fire.

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu reacted to the accusations with a tweet saying "Dirty propaganda has no limits: PKK & its affiliates try to portray forest fire in Kumluca as if it happened in Lice."

HDP only made an apology on the Twitter account after Çavuşoğlu's reaction and claimed that the tweet was sent by mistake, although tens of tweets replied before Minister Çavuşoğlu, stressing that the images displayed were from Antalya and not from Lice.

The slandering tweet was not removed from the account after the apology.

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