Turkey to help baby born on THY flight reunite with mother

Published 18.04.2017 23:24

Kadiju shot to fame with her mid-air birth on April 6 aboard a Turkish Airlines (THY) flight but her story took a worrying turn due to her birthplace. Not allowed to travel to France with her French-Guinean mother as she was born in Burkina Faso airspace, the baby girl expects to be reunited with her mother. Turkey stepped in to accelerate the process as Turkish authorities who visited the baby girl now staying with her aunt in Guinea pledged.

Turkey's Ambassador to Conakry Nur Sağman and a THY representative paid a visit to the baby girl yesterday.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Sağman said the baby was in good health and her embassy contacted local authorities to speed up the bureaucracy to help her reunite with her mother Diaby Nafi. She said Guinean authorities promised to help with the process.

Oğuzcan Yerli, a THY representative in Guinea who accompanied Sağman in the visit, said the Turkish flagship carrier would cover all expenses for Kadiju to travel to France, from plane tickets to visa and passport fees. Yerli said the family was grateful to the carrier whose crew helped the delivery of Kadiju on a Conakry-Ougadougou-Istanbul flight. "(The delivery of Kadiju aboard THY flight) shows how our company values human life and its passengers if you compare this to the mistreatment of a passenger by United Airlines," he said, referring to the American carrier that made headlines for the rough removal of a passenger in an overbooked flight last week. Yerli also displayed a short animation about Kadiju to the family introduced by the carrier.

THY crew's assistance to Kadiju's mid-air birth a few days before United Airlines incident, has drawn praise on the social media as well as comparisons between two airlines.

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