German police brutally beat Turkish man for parking in the wrong zone

Published 29.06.2017 15:40
Mehmet Kara (L) recuperates in his home. (DHA Photo)
Mehmet Kara (L) recuperates in his home. (DHA Photo)

A man of Turkish origin was hospitalized after German police used excessive force simply because he parked in the wrong place.

Mehmet Kara parked in a no-parking zone, after which police physically assaulted him and used pepper spray on his daughter, brother-in-law and brother.

Kara was treated in hospital for two days, and after being discharged he explained the incident to Justice and Development Party (AK Party) lawmaker Mustafa Yeneroğlu, who is also the chairman of Parliament's Human Rights Investigation Commission.

The victim's brother, Muhammed Kara said that Kara had agreed to move his car, but he first wanted to take out the compressor and put it in his house.

The police reportedly refused to let Kara go for a moment, and when his brother criticized this they sprayed the other family members with pepper gas.

The police then followed Kara into the house's entrance corridor, pushed him onto the floor and kicked him until he lost consciousness.

Kara says that the police then noticed the security camera in the corridor and stopped assaulting him. The officers lifted Kara off the floor and said they were taking him to the police station.

Kara complained that he needed medical treatment, and was taken to hospital where the police continued to say that he was going to the police station.

When Kara refused to go anywhere without a lawyer, and doctors said that Kara needed to stay for 48 hours, the police apparently gave up.

Kara noted that the assault happened on the first day of the Ramadan holiday, adding that the incident ruined the holiday for him and his family.

More long-lasting consequences include psychological trauma, loss of sleep and an inability to go to work.

Kara explained, "I've contributed a lot to Duisberg Municipality at different times. I've been working in an iron and steel factory for 30 years, and I pay taxes. If I were aggressive they wouldn't let me work somewhere like that. I can't accept that they would do this to someone like me, and it's tearing me apart. It was even worse that those unforgettable things happened while my family was there. It makes you feel humiliated."

Adding that the assault had also affected his daughter's mental health, Kara said, "The Germans say their police are substandard as well. First train them, then send them out on the street."

AK Party deputy Yeneroğlu stated that the camera footage had saved the Kara family's reputation, saying, "Unfortunately the negative talk about the family that began after the incident would have been a label over their heads if there had been no camera footage. The family was assaulted and then they would have been exposed to this prejudice. I also thank our citizens who took videos with their mobile phones."

Yeneroğlu also placed the blame on local authorities, saying, "I condemn the mayor of the Duisberg Metropolitan Municipality. When he should have come and apologized to these people, he described them as 'anti-social' and preferred to let them be insulted in the media."

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