Ricocheted bullet kills man trying to kill girlfriend in Istanbul

Published 07.08.2017 23:50
Updated 08.08.2017 16:53

In a bizarre twist of fate, a man died in Istanbul after a bullet he fired at his girlfriend ricocheted and hit him in the stomach, Turkish media outlets reported Monday.

Prior to the incident, 35-year-old Taner Bayar was having an argument with his girlfriend Menice Bulut.

After the argument, Bayar came to Bulut's house with a gun and fired seven back-to-back bullets at the 25-year-old woman, who was severely wounded in different parts of her body.

As Bayar, who worked as a bus driver in Istanbul's Fatih district, was in the process of shooting, a bullet ricocheted into his stomach, eventually killing him after he was admitted to a nearby hospital.

Critically injured Bulut was found in a puddle of her own blood on the floor of her house. According to reports, her health remains in a life-threatening condition due to the injuries she sustained.

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