Turkish Interior Minister Soylu talks man out of committing suicide

Published 24.08.2017 18:43
Updated 24.08.2017 19:11

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu talked a man out of jumping off one of Ankara's busy overpasses, a video showed Thursday.

The unidentified man had climbed to the top of an overpass near the Interior ministry and the Turkish Parliament building in Ankara to jump onto a busy highway to take his own life.

Locals immediately informed the police and soon the minister himself was notified about the incident. Soylu soon arrived to the scene to try and save the life of the man, who reportedly was suffering from depression due to family problems.

The video published by Turkish local media showed the man turn toward Soylu as the minister began to speak with him. After a brief conversation, the man burst into tears, hugging Soylu as he passed the fences to exit the overpass, escorted by the minister's security guard.

In December 2015, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also intervened in a suicide attempt by convincing a man not to jump off the Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul.

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