Hamburg square named after hardworking Turk

Published 27.09.2017 00:00

Two years after he died, Yüksel Muş, a German citizen of Turkish origin, received the highest posthumous honor in Hamburg where he lived and worked.

A square next to the city's Lake Alster was named after Muş who was praised for his work as a street sweeper in the city before his death. Muş was 50 years old when he succumbed to an illness in May 2015 after spending 18 years with city's municipal cleaning service.

A Turk, whose family hails from the Black Sea city of Trabzon, Muş made a name for himself among street sweepers, according to the local administration, especially when he skipped his daughter's wedding reception to help his colleagues in the busy square his name was given to.

Falko Drossman, the mayor of the Hamburg district where Muş worked, officials from the Turkish consulate in Hamburg, lawmakers of Turkish origin, including outgoing Integration Minister Aydan Özoğuz and the late worker's colleagues attended a ceremony to inaugurate "Yüksel Mus Platz" yesterday.

Mayor Drossman said it was the fellow workers of Muş who first offered to give Muş's name to the square in Hamburg. "I am thankful to him for keeping this place that has always been busy with tourists," Drossman said.

Holger Lange, the director of the cleaning service, said Muş always took the work seriously and viewed Hamburg "as his home" and "always kept it clean."

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