Denmark set to deport Turkish mother of 3

Published 30.10.2017 20:05

A 42-year-old Turkish mother of three and longtime resident of Denmark has been in a detention center for the last month fearing deportation, despite the family and life she had built in her adopted country. "I haven't gotten a wink of sleep here," Şükran Demirtaş told Anadolu Agency (AA) by phone this week from the center.

"I'm worried about my boys and my husband. I miss my home. I want to be with my family."

Demirtaş has lived in Denmark since 2006, and her husband Mehmet has worked there since 1999. They have three sons, two of them now young adults.

Despite her roots in her adopted homeland, her applications for a residence permit have been rejected several times over the last 10 years.

After her last application was denied, Şükran was taken to the Ellebaek detention center on Oct. 3.

"I'm in a difficult situation and I want to be with my children. I have a 9 year old and he needs me. My family needs me. Please help me," Demirtaş said, pleading for Turkish authorities to help her stay in Denmark.

If Şükran is deported, she would not be allowed to get a Schengen visa for five years to visit her husband and sons.

Her youngest child, Gürkan, 9, said: "I miss my mother very much and I want her back." Desperate, her family started an online campaign to pressure Danish authorities to grant her residency.

Denmark is among a number of European countries that have tightened their immigration policies.

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