Fast food chains' promise of fast delivery endangers motorbike riding staff

Published 10.10.2019 00:55

A stiff competition between fast food companies for the fastest delivery to customers endangers the lives deliverymen. Motorbike delivery personnel complain that they are risking their lives to deliver the order in 30 minutes as promised by the company. Companies do not charge customers if the food is not delivered on time.

Ufuk Tatar, who heads an association of motorcycle delivery personnel in the western city of İzmir, says companies force delivery personnel to pay the cost if they cannot deliver the food on time and the staff has to ignore traffic safety rules to do so. "They also have to pay any traffic fines from their own pocket," he told Demirören News Agency (DHA). Tatar said the Confederation of Motorcycle Delivery Personnel were in contact with politicians to find a solution to the issue. Among other complaints, delivery staff claims they are exposed to mobbing if they cannot meet the delivery deadline. Tatar says companies change shifts or the branch the delivery personnel work if they fail to deliver the food in 30 minutes repeatedly.

"They are already paid low wages and their bosses blame them for failing to deliver on time," he noted. Tatar, himself a deliveryman for 20 years, says many of his colleagues died in traffic accidents and many others were injured. "Thirty-minute delivery is not above human lives," he said.

Evren Denker, another deliveryman, says their equipment is not safe for fast driving. "Mostly, riders are given broken helmets and they have nothing else as a safety precaution," he complained.

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