Detached DAESH assassin team suspected in Atatürk airport attack

Published 30.06.2016 00:00

One of DAESH's detached assassin teams, which emerged due to the collapse of the central structure of the terrorist organization after an operation in Gaziantep last month, is suspected of carrying out the attack at Istanbul's Atatürk International Airport late Tuesday. DAESH received a severe blow following the operation in the southeastern province of Gaziantep on Thursday May 19 in which Yunus Durmaz, one of the so-called "emirs" of the group, blew up himself and his wife. Two children and his brother Hacı Ali Durmaz were captured during the operation. With this development, DAESH activated assassin teams to conduct attacks without instructions and act as decentralized groups. Three groups crossed the border illegally from Syria for attacks, and two members were previously captured in operations. The third group, however, is suspected of conducting the latest attack in Atatürk Airport.

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