MHP Chairman Bahçeli: FETÖ, PKK pose the same threat

Published 01.08.2016 00:49

Following last Friday's PKK attack in Turkey's southeastern Hakkari province, opposition National Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli issued a press release on Saturday which stated that counterterrorism efforts in the fight against the PKK should not be neglected in light of the Gülenist Terror Organization's (FETÖ) recent coup attempt on July 15.

"It would be wrong to consider FETÖ and the PKK separate from each other in terms of their purposes," Bahçeli said in the statement and he indicated that the PKK has benefitted from the post-coup problems in Turkey. He also stressed that FETÖ and the PKK have organized simultaneous and coordinated attacks, urging Turkey to recuperate and fight back as soon as possible. ‘While the Gülenist traitors' [attacks] against our country are still fresh, the PKK's taking up of arms as another enemy of Turkey should also be considered," Bahçeli added.

"Whether partial or impartial, everyone should acknowledge that Turkey is facing a violent terror threat," Bahçeli said, underlining that the current threat is undoubtedly at the highest level in the history of Turkey.

The opposition leader also stated that Turkey now needs a strong army more than ever before. "Pride, morals and the ethical values of the robin should be protected, while purging FETÖ members from governmental institutions." Bahçeli went on to say that "Playing with the pride of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) causes great trouble," pointing to the large-scale liquidation process the TSK has recently seen.

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