Nationalist leader Bahçeli: FETÖ as heinous as PKK

Published 02.08.2016 22:55

Speaking at his party's weekly parliamentary group meeting, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli said: "No other coup attempt was as brutal and inhumane as the July 15 Gülenist coup attempt. Thankfully, the spirit of national unity has stopped the FETÖ [Gülenist Terror Organization] in its tracks." Bahçeli also asserted that the FETÖ and the PKK are one and the same, and claimed that the PKK is resuming where the Gülenist coup attempt left off. Bahçeli also took the opportunity to criticize the U.S.'s attitude on the coup attempt.

"These Gülenists who have infiltrated the Turkish Armed Forces were almost successful in annihilating Turkey. Every decision that even implies the suspension of democracy has darkened our future, bit by bit," Bahçeli said.

Claiming that FETÖ and the PKK serve the same purpose, Bahçeli fumed that the PKK was determined to resume the destruction where FETÖ left off. Bahçeli said: "These Pennsylvania-based terrorists have been ordered to disrupt Turkey's peace. Now the PKK is at the helm of this murderous mission. They are trying to shackle Turkey. There are many traitors and scoundrels hiding among us. After July 15, 18 police officers and 17 soldiers have been killed in the fight against terror. Turkey has lost 35 of its children to FETÖ's partner in crime, the PKK. FETÖ is as heinous as the PKK."

Bahçeli also harshly criticized the U.S. for American officials' comments following the July 15 coup attempt. "Why has the U.S. sent mixed signals instead of a strong condemnation? How should we evaluate the pope's statement in which he said he is not sure of what is going on in Turkey? If the U.S. is truly condemning this coup attempt, they should extradite that deranged terrorist [Gülen] to Turkey. If they still want evidence, Turkey on the night of July 15 should be enough," Bahçeli said. Bahçeli also questioned alleged international connections of the coup attempt, asking: "Did the U.S., Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates know of the coup beforehand? If so, why did they keep it a secret and openly support FETÖ?"

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