Putschist: FETÖ ordered us not to kill PKK terrorists

Published 10.08.2016 23:40

A putschist pilot who took part in the July 15 Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) coup attempt, confessed in his testimony that FETÖ ordered him not to kill PKK terrorists, revealing how the deviant cult-like group hindered the fight against the PKK.

Lt. Col. İlkay Ateş, one of the helicopter pilots, who bombed several state buildings in Ankara during the coup attempt, gave a testimony after being arrested and was dismissed from the military.

In his testimony he revealed the structure of FETÖ in the military and said each military school and commandership was operated by an imam of the group.

Indicating that he encountered FETÖ when he was in secondary school and after he entered Işıklar Military High School, FETÖ imams told him not to reveal his links with the group and not to pray at school.

"One night, Nevzat [the imam in charge] told us in his home that ‘those guys [PKK] die without being a member of a religion. Don't kill them while shooting and open fire around so they are only wounded.' I was opposed to this and said: ‘If we don't kill them, they will come and kill our faithful brothers in outposts.' They did not insist on the issue."

Regarding the coup attempt, Ateş said that he was told about the coup attempt two days before July 15.

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