Senior PKK member executed due to increasing conflict within organization

Published 21.08.2016 23:38

The PKK, which recently moved its forces from the Qandil Mountains in Northern Iraq, the organization's headquarters for many years, is now going through a serious phase of internal conflict within the organization following the death of ringleader Fehman Hüseyin.

It was recently revealed that a part of the organization wants to fight along with the Assad regime, while another part wants to fight against Assad. According to information received from credible sources in the region, PKK members pulled their guns on each other in a secret meeting held on Friday in Kobani over arguments about supporting the Assad regime. A member with the code name "Murdım" is reported to have been executed during the fight.

The increasing tension is seen as the result of a power struggle among the senior staff of PKK after the death of the member Fehman Hüseyin, code name "Bahoz Erdal," as well as the recent shift of the organization from Qandil to Northern Syria. Analysts say further inter-organizational execution news might follow the recent execution.

The PKK lost its inner city ditches as well as a serious source of militants after the Turkish military operations against the organization and is now aiming to take up a position in Northern Syria and to shoot Turkey from across the border.

The PKK — listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S., and EU — resumed its 30-year armed campaign against the Turkish state in July 2015. Since then, more than 600 security personnel and more than 7,000 PKK terrorists have been killed.

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