Opposition FETÖ figure arrested in Azerbaijan

Published 23.08.2016 23:03

Faiq Amirov, the aide of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (AHCP) Chairman Ali Kerimli and financial director of the"Azadliq" newspaper, was arrested for three months on charges of inciting religious hatred yesterday. According to the Azeri news agency APA, Amirov is accused of being a follower of the leader of the Gülenist terror cult, Fethullah Gülen, the mastermind behind the coup attempt on July 15 in Turkey.

As part of the ongoing investigation, Amirov's car and house were searched; three books dedicated to Gülen and eight CDs of Gülen's sermons as well as electronic data and other items were found. Amirov was found guilty of having links with a group called "Hizmet imamlari" (Imams of Service), a Gülen-linked group in Azerbaijan, abusing his official powers as the financial director of the "Azadliq" newspaper and storing and spreading books and electronic data on Gülen's ideas. In the aftermath of the failed 15 July coup attempt, Turkish authorities requested numerous countries including Azerbaijan to clamp down on the activities of FETÖ-linked organizations within their borders.

Azerbaijan is one of the countries fulfilling Turkey's request. In the last month, the Court of Appeals in Azerbaijan capital Baku has ordered a local television station to close on Friday because of its coverage of an interview with Gülen.

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