FSA: Turkey promised to help return life back to normal in Jarablus

Published 26.08.2016 23:13

A Free Syrian Army (FSA) commander said Thursday that Turkey promised to support moderate opposition groups in the reconstruction of Jarablus and dismantle explosives and mines planted by DAESH terrorists.

Captain Abdennaser Jalal, commander of the FSA's Al-Khamza division, spoke to Anadolu Agency and said that the most serious challenge they have faced since seizing control of the town was buried DAESH explosives in streets and houses. He said the FSA is removing these to enable escaped people to return to their homes. He also stated that Turkey help pledged to FSA fighters so that civilians life can return to normal by delivering humanitarian aid, repairing bakeries and wells and other urgent needs. Jalal added that the FSA put barricades at the entrance of Jarablus and formed a domestic security institution to prevent infiltration of the town by DAESH and its rogue units. Another FSA group commander, Muhammed al-Ghabi, also said that their main objective is to help locals return to normal life and that Turkey promised to take steps in this issue.

The Commander of Jaish al-Tahrir said the FSA would chase DAESH and advance into Çobanbey and the town of al-Bab located in rural areas of Aleppo after forming courts and providing inner security for Jarablus.

DAESH has retreated to al-Bab, and it remains to be seen whether the FSA will continue their advance. A commander from the FSA faction Faylaq al-Sham said, "DAESH fighters have withdrawn from several villages on the outskirts of Jarablus and are heading south towards the city of al-Bab." Al-Bab is strategic, because the town lies between Manbij and Aleppo. If the PYD seizes control of the town, the terrorist organization will be able to connect their cantons to Afrin.

Furthermore, Turkish Special Forces Commander Major General Zekai Aksakallı headed to Jarablus on Wednesday to inspect the troops and assess the sitiuaiton in the region. Lt. Gen. Aksakallı held a meeting there with leaders of the opposition forces. Inspecting all military guardhouses along the border line, Aksakallı visited border posts in which military tanks, howitzers and armored cars were deployed. He also met several soldiers affiliated with Special Forces in the region. He is expected to continue his inspection in southeastern provinces of Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa on Monday.

Lt. Gen. Aksakallı, in his former capacity as major general, played a key role in the defeat of the attempted coup. He was recently promoted by the Supreme Military Council (YAŞ), chaired by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, in its first meeting after the failed coup attempt of July 15.

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