Radio chatter ordering downing of President Erdoğan’s plane released

Published 29.08.2016 23:43
Updated 30.08.2016 00:02

Radio chatter released on Monday revealed that the putschist pilots planned to take down President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's plane on the night of July 15.

The radio chatter on the night of the coup attempt between several military officers loyal to the Gülenist terror-cult (FETÖ) included orders for the downing of the presidential plane and the bombing of several key buildings, including the parliament and the presidential complex.

On July 15, rogue elements of Turkish military attempted to overthrow the country's democratically elected government. At least 240 people, including the security forces and civilians, were killed, and thousands of people were wounded as they protested against the coup.

FETÖ, led by U.S.-based fugitive Fetullah Gülen, has been accused of infiltrating the law enforcement as well as the judiciary. Gülenist prosecutors assigned to multiple cases were subjected to a nationwide purge following two previous coup attempts disguised as an anti-graft probe. Judges and prosecutors who were involved in probes and sham trials intended to imprison those who criticized FETÖ have either been removed from duty or reassigned to lower positions, while some face prison terms in ongoing trials.

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